in your straightest jacket, couldnt you explode?

welcome scenic foolsparadise, the personal website of me, jackie! im a queer 19 year old shut-in who dropped out of homeschool. explore all this realm of clowns stars and devils has to offer, you might just find something you like!
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Egg newly laid
tumbling sweet south
three minute made
fresh bread
born out of your mouth
born out of your mouth - andy partridge

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12/03/23 - temporary christmas index recolor!
11/12/23 - added an archive for old taglines
10/03/23 - temporary halloween index recolor!
9/26/23 - complete index re-work, again!
6/23 - added viewable shrines, including my shrine to the emh
4/9/23 - added a page of reviews for star trek voyager episodes
3/22/23 - changed the color and graphics of the index
1/5/2023 - complete index re-work!
10/28/2022 - blog overhaul finished
9/5/2022 - brand new index!
8/20/2022 - updated the look of my about, less simplistic and a lot cooler. and lots more info about yours truly!
8/18/2022 - new site font
8/14/2022 - added my first webring! wow!
8/6/2022 - about me layout updated, added the plans page, and finally... a blog
8/5/2022 - Got rid of the template and made my own, albeit painfully simple, layout. also, a guestbook!
7/29/2022 - added a very very wip records page. when ill figure out how to make it look good is to be seen
7/24/2022 - About Me added!
7/24/2022 - I start this site!

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