pooh's adventures of MEEE
Jackie, Jay, or Jimmy
bell bottom wearin' devil clown computer virus
he/him or she/her, 19, dec 14th
fav colors: yellow, navy blue, green
fav foods: fries, b&e sandwich, boneless bbq wings, mozzarella sticks
fav sandwich: turkey bacon cheese w/ mayo, hot sauce and cool ranch doritos
fav drink: mean bean java monster
fav movie: better off dead 1985
fav show: star trek
fav band: xtc
fav person: andy partridge

likes: snow, 70s 80s 90s and 00s, eating, music, fashion, rain, cleanliness, christmas, nostalgia
dislikes: veggies, pasta, lemon flavor, pendantic ppl, cold food, hot weather, wet feet

gadzooks! youve reached my virtual biography. envision me sitting in a large plush chair in an ispy mansion.

im jackie, an 19 year old shut-in who lives in the american midwest. i go by 2 other names that start with j and im a dude with tits. i became a homeschool dropout at the age of 9 because it all became a bit much. i have ocd, adhd, and autism and im happily on anti-depressants since feb '23. i live with my parents and dont go outside, and am very poor and have no money. i also have a minor caffeine addiction because i drink coffee for the taste. im a self proclaimed eccentric and neurotic

im primarily a digital artist and spend a lot of my time drawing, ive been drawing digitally since i could get my hands on a computer. other hobbies im just not very capable of doing, but im an aspiring musician and hope to one day actually be one. im a pretty avid record collector with about 20+ records. my collection is on the index! i also like fashion and dressing up, bell bottoms are my favorite clothing item ever invented.

why did i start my site? well i wanted a site since id say as early as 2019, but at the time i thought id never be able to figure out how to code...but here i am. another big inspiration was my growing love for old web, just like everybody else...i think my adoration for old web officially started with seeing joel vargskelethor's windows xp destruction stream when i was around 9 years old. it impacted me in a weird, profound way especially because i grew up using both a windows 7 and windows xp.

consuming media (eating cds)
my favorite bands
oingo boingo
the aquabats!
lemon demon
weird al
red vox
the monkees
talking heads
jack stauber
wazmo nariz
martini ranch
raffaella carra
pink floyd
cojum dip
thomas dolby
the beables
my favorite albums
black sea - xtc
floating eye of death - aquabats
hilo - jack stauber
boi-ngo - oingo boingo
english settlement - xtc
pisces aquarius capricorn & jones ltd. - the monkees
world clique - deee-lite
holy cow - martini ranch
things arent right - wazmo nariz
infestissumam - ghost
propaganda - sparks
miscellaneous t - tmbg
something else for everybody - devo
fuzzy warbles vol 1 - andy partridge
california - mr bungle
self titled - cojum dip
way to normal - ben folds
sgt pepper's - the beatles
view-monster - lemon demon
dark side of the moon - pink floyd
breakfast in america - supertramp
fragile - yes
and a hell of a lot more.
my favorite series
star trek TOS, TNG, DS9, and VOY
the x files
the monkees
good omens
2005 dr. who s1-4
sesame street
what we do in the shadows
one piece
sherlock bbc
marble hornets
the walten files
homestar runner
gregory horror show
my favorite movies
better off dead (1985)
phantom of the paradise (1974)
follow that bird (1985)
barton fink (1991)
head (1968)
annette (2021)
after hours (1984)
UHF (1989)
gigantic (2002)
the sparks brothers (2021)
this is pop (2017)
star trek: voyage home (1986)
withnail & i (1987)
my favorite games
undertale + deltarune
hypnospace outlaw
phantasmagoria 2
professor layton
nights: into dreams
style savvy
animal crossing
stardew valley
papa louie flash games
candy crush
my favorite entertainers
trixie & katya
chris fleming

ill make a cleaner more sexier kin page later but for now. my kins! kinning is a big deal to me especially my main ones, they help me with my identities and help me come to terms with my very being...

this is literally me.
jay merrick
winslow leach
q star trek
lane meyer
quark star trek
julian bashir
leonard mccoy
ernie sesame street
duck dhmis

me but like not as much
trevor barnes
curtis craig
pavel chekov
seymour little shop of horrors
egon ghost busters
garth wayne's world
austin powers
the tenth doctor
homestar runner
robbie shapiro