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thats right! you've found yourself on fools paradise, the ever evolving personal site of jackie...a 17 year old who stays inside all day and has a caffeine addiction.

now, you may be asking...jackie, what does this website have to offer?! well, its a personal site! which means this site will have info about me, a blog going on about my week, my record collection, shrines dedicated to my hyperfixations... all one might expect on a site belonging to a neurodivergent teenager! but remember! like a lot of sites on neocities, its a work in progress. while ive been trying to code since 2019, ive only started on this site officially in july of 2022. theres lots of work to be done...

lyric of the week!

Run with the pack, one by one
You're starving, but the scapegoats are gone
The savage in men, needs to eat
Hungry, it drives us to compete
comedy in blood - scythelord

update log

7/24/2022 - I start this site!
7/24/2022 - About Me added!
7/29/2022 - added a very very wip records page. when ill figure out how to make it look good is to be seen
8/5/2022 - Got rid of the template and made my own, albeit painfully simple, layout. also, a guestbook!
8/6/2022 - about me layout updated, added the plans page, and finally... a blog!
8/7/2022 - buttons to some mutuals added!!
8/14/2022 - added my first webring! wow!
8/18/2022 - new site font
8/20/2022 - updated the look of my about, less simplistic and a lot cooler. and lots more info about yours truly!
9/5/2022 - brand new index!
10/28/2022 - blog overhaul finished

this site was coded and tested primarily on firefox on a resolution of 1366x768