welcome scenic my tumblr, ive made this page to inform those who follow me of what to expect and other things. please read!!!

im jackie but i also go by jay, and jimmy. im listening to virtual insanity by jamiroquai as i write this. im 18 and white and i use he/him pronouns but she/her is great too. i also like they/them and it/its. those are all cool for me i think.

what am i gonna find on your blog, jackie?
umm i definitely reblog a lot, funny stuff and media things i like. the standard blogger things. i leave tags a lot bcs i have so much to say. i often will reblog things just to leave my critiques of it in a tag, so be sure to read something i leave on a post before thinking i support it or something haha. and of course if you want me to tag something i can. i do post some original musings and ramblings, most of its a lot of complaining. im opinionated and might seem a little mean…im sorry. original posts are under #have you seen jackie?

do you have anything else to warn me of? you beast?
THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT TO READ. i look over every blog that follows me and will softblock if i deem fit. some people i dont want following me. i also block ppl a LOT. i will block ppl who simply annoy me. please do not come to me asking to be unblocked, it likely will not happen. this is my space and i do what i want in it.

yes im the jackie…im a little guy im self diagnosed mentally unwell and i like all 4 of my best friends (charlie earthy johnny joann) i kisses them all loves them. i love music my favorite bands ever are XTC ( I LOVEEE XTC) tmbg, sparks, oingo boingo, weird al, deee-lite, some others…you can ask :) or look at my lastfm. i also love star trek (tos,tng,ds9) and the x files. i also love movies my faves are better off dead phantom of the paradise annette and barton fink. i also make a lot of digital art its my main hobby. i dont post a lot of it publicly at all bcs someone traced my art, but some of it is under #my art if you wanna see. sometimes ill also make gifs and stuff i dont make the pretty high def ones but i make em

feel free to ask if im on other websites bcs im most likely am. another one of my big hobbies is coding in html/css. i love it a lot, i have my own neocities to show it! this has a lot more info on me, if you are interested.

night night...