the original lineup of xtc from '79 to '83.
from left to right: andy partridge, colin moulding, dave gregory, terry chambers

XTC is a post-punk/new wave/experimental pop band from Swindon that was formed in 1972 and disbanded in 2006. They are considered incredibly infuential especially to genres like britpop, and have amassed a decently sized cult following. Often titled punk, post-punk, new wave, and even beatle-based pop, XTC has explored many different sounds thoughout their career and are praised even today for their experimental approaches to music and their interesting sound. Much of XTC's sound after 1982 can be attributed to their lead member, Andy Partridge, choosing to stop touring due to mental illness. Many consider this to have affected XTC's music for the better, making their musical abilities limitless and heavily studio driven.

With a career that spans nearly 40 decades, every single album has a lush and interesting sound that separates itself from the last. XTC has a discography thats simply a trip to dig through, with beautiful guitar work on both Andy and Dave's parts and basslines from Colin that will never leave you. XTC is truly a marvel, and its my goal to fully express my love and admiration for this amazing group on this page.