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Welcome to FoolsParadise!

hey there! you've made it to my webpage, my domain!
im jackie, or jay, or...well just click my about. kick up your feet,
and enjoy all what foolsparadise has in store! and maybe on your way out,
you can leave a note on my guestbook! pretty please..bats my eyelashes

now, you may be wondering..."whats foolsparadise got to offer?"
well, its a personal site! mine, in fact! its where i'll flare my aesthetic tastes,
and all my hobbies and interests. essentially, just imagine what an
18 year old shut in with no friends does all day. i LOVE to express myself, so thats exactly what im setting out to do!

featured lyrics!
So don't ask me what I'm into
I don't need to prove I'm cool
I'll break your arm if you ask me what's my sign
I won't tell you where my head's at
I don't need to see no shrink
Psychosis may be in this year
But I'm really not that kind
And I'm in no hurry to be casual
In fact, I think I'll wait
Until I'm pushing up the daisies
(Like, wow, man, can you relate?)
i'll be mellow when im dead - "weird al" yankovic
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site updates

7/24/2022 - I start this site!
7/24/2022 - About Me added!
7/29/2022 - added a very very wip records page. when ill figure out how to make it look good is to be seen
8/5/2022 - Got rid of the template and made my own, albeit painfully simple, layout. also, a guestbook!
8/6/2022 - about me layout updated, added the plans page, and finally... a blog!
8/7/2022 - buttons to some mutuals added!!
8/14/2022 - added my first webring! wow!
8/18/2022 - new site font
8/20/2022 - updated the look of my about, less simplistic and a lot cooler. and lots more info about yours truly!
9/5/2022 - brand new index!
10/28/2022 - blog overhaul finished
1/5/2023 - complete index re-work!

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